Institute of Iranian Studies

Institute of Iranian Studies


The field of Iranian Studies is concerned with societies and cultures of the Iranian language area from pre-Islamic times to the present day. The Institute in Göttingen specifically includes not just present-day Iran but also other regions influenced by the Persian language and culture in its teaching and research. Iranian Studies is offered as a B.A. and M.A. degree program. We set great value on good language training and pave the way for graduates to go into research or a profession outside university.

At the Institute doctoral candidates, staff and visiting scholars work and do research in various branches of Iranian Studies. A particular specialization in Göttingen is the research focus on Indo-Persian history and culture. Kurdish Studies are also part of our program.

The Iranian Studies library is a section of the KWZ Library. It has a very good inventory of works on pre-Islamic Iran and on Iranian philology. The Iranian and Kurdish Digital Sound Archive and a collection of modern Iranian films are housed at the Institute itself.

New MA Programs in Iranian and Persiante Studies (*.pdf )