Virtuelle Studienorientierung

Sie interessieren sich für Iranistik, wissen aber gar nicht so richtig, ob das Fach zu Ihnen passt? Unsere virtuellen Studienorientierung gibt Ihnen viele Informationen zu Studienablauf, Anforderungen und Berufsmöglichkeiten.

Angebote für Schülerinnen und Schüler

Ihr seid noch in der Schule, möchtet unser Fach aber gerne schon näher kennenlernen? Dann schaut Euch unsere Angebote für Schülerinnen und Schüler an!

Zertifikatsprogramm FLÜ

Sie sind Muttersprachler Persisch oder haben bereits sehr gute Persischkenntnisse? Unser Zertifikatsprogramm Fachliches und Literarisches Übersetzen (FLÜ) ist genau für diese Zielgruppe gedacht. Erfahren Sie hier mehr dazu!

PONS-Programm für Geistes- und Kulturwissenschaften

Sie möchten während des Studiums gerne andere Institute für Iranistik kennenlernen? Mit dem PONS-Programm können Sie innerhalb von Deutschland für ein Semester an eine andere Universität wechseln. Weitere Informationen


Bachelor and Master

The subject Iranian Studies covers the history, languages, culture and religions of the Iranian-speaking region (About Iranian Studies). Courses start with learning modern Persian. Iranian Studies can be done in a two-subject Bachelor program (B.A.) and in a Master program (M.A.).

Information on the degree programs with further details about content, purpose and requirements of the B.A. and M.A. courses can be found under the following links:

If you have any questions, please contact the person responsible for Academic Counseling at the Institute of Iranian Studies or the Study Office of the Faculty of Humanities.


A relevant master’s degree is a prerequisite for doing a doctorate in Iranian Studies. In addition, you need a very good command of Persian. In order to pursue doctoral studies in Göttingen, you must first find a supervisor for your project. The current authorized examiners are Prof. Dr. Orthmann, Prof. Dr. Kreyenbroek, Prof. Dr. Marzolph, PD Dr. Föllmer and PD Dr. Omarkhali.

Doctoral dissertations may be written in German or English. Acceptance as a doctoral candidate does not imply any financial support. To find out more about the conditions concerning registration and the doctoral process, please see: Doing a doctorate at the Faculty of Humanities

Extracurricular activities

The Institute of Iranian Studies endeavors to offer extracurricular courses for students at Göttingen and interested persons from elsewhere regularly. Thus in August 2018, we held a summer school on the topic "Reading and Analyzing Indo-Persian Documents". A similar offer is planned for summer 2019, this time in India. A call for applications will probably be issued in December 2018.

PONS Program for the Humanities

The PONS Humanities Program offers students of small disciplines the opportunity to study at another German university for one to two semesters, and thereby to pursue interests or foci that are not offered here in Göttingen. The courses attended at the host university will be credited in full – so you will not lose any study time. To make the switch easier for you, it is possible to receive a one-off mobility allowance of 250 euros.

You can find more information here:
Please contact the person responsible for academic counseling in Iranian Studies if you are interested.