Lecture series: Perspectives

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Studying biology and then what? Have you ever thought about what you could do after your Bachelor's (or Master's) degree? What career opportunities do you have, which Master programmes does the faculty offer and what would it be like to do a doctorate?

In our lecture series with four different focal points, we will shed light on these and even more questions about careers in biology.

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  • Perspectives: Career opportunities

    Date: summer term 2024, tba

    Whether before starting their studies or towards the end of their studies: sooner or later, all students in the field of biology ask themselves what career opportunities they have with their studies. Because in biology there is no such thing as "the" classic job - so much is possible that it is hard to keep track of the range. The invited biologists give insights into their fields of activity.

  • Perspectives: Master programmes

    Date: winter term 24/25

    Soon to graduate with a Bachelor's degree - and what's next? For most natural and life sciences subjects, a postgraduate Master's degree is important for a successful career start. But which Master programme fits your interests best? We present our biological Master programmes.

  • Perspectives: Doctorate

    Date: tba

    PhD yes or no? Before starting a doctorate out of "embarrassment" or lack of alternatives, you should weigh up the pros and cons. Different options for a doctorate in Göttingen and details on the application process will be presented here. In addition, our professors reveal everything you need to know.

  • Perspectives: Employers

    Date: tba

    Possible employers in the region present themselves.

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