How to reach the Department

Leave the “Autobahn” A7 at the Göttingen Exit (“Abfahrt” Göttingen, not “Göttingen-Nord”) and continue towards the centre of the town on a four-lane street (Kasseler Landstraße). After approximately 4 kilometres, you cross under a railway bridge.

Right after the bridge, turn left on the Berliner Straße. On the right hand, you will see what is left of the old city wall that once fortified the town. Continue on the Berliner Straße until the second crossing.

Turn left there onto another four-lane street, Weender Landstraße. On the right hand side just after a petrol station, you will find a public parking lot that is usually overfilled.

Turn right at the first crossing after the parking lot into the street Kreuzbergring. The second access to the campus on the right-hand side at the traffic light leads to the building in which the department is located (“Blauer Turm”) and a parking lot. You can speak over the intercom at the barrier to the gate-keeper and ask him to open the gate to the parking lot.

When you use navigation software, please type our address:

Platz der Göttinger Sieben 5, 37073 Göttingen.