Intercultural Learninglab ICL

Welcome to the Intercultural Learning Lab!

Join us in our workshops to learn about the various aspects of culture and communication and about how often unconscious patterns can guide our perception and behaviour.

All courses are open for students from all faculties at Goettingen University to broaden their intercultural competencies and also obtain credits for key competencies, no prior knowledge necessary.

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Alexandra Schreiber
Head, Transformative Games, Virtual Exchange, Workshops
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Manar Abdelhalim
Workshops, Virtual Exchange Focus Arab* Culture

Riccarda Fulda

Riccarda Fulda
ROCKET Erasmus+ Project


Beyzanur Hitay
Workshops, Games

Alex Vogel

Alexandra Vogel
ENLIGHT Global Engagement Module

Saskia Erlenkötter

Saskia Erlenkötter
Preparing for studies abroad


Gideon Zoller
Information events international

  • Johanna El Ouardy
  • Jan Hartling-Knaak