Institut für Numerische und Angewandte Mathematik

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The Institute of Numerical and Applied Mathematics was founded by the mathematical-natural scientific faculty. In the winter term 1969/70 trainees were taken on so that they could carry out a mission; to strengthen the use of applied mathematics. The professors of the institute represent numerical mathematics, physic mathematics, and informatics as a part of the applied mathematics in research and teaching. Their course offerings are designed especially for students who would like to work in natural scientific computer centers, development departments, banks, Insurance companies or in the industry after they complete their degrees. Besides the basic courses in numerics and optimization we offer
special courses in partial differential equations, inverse problems and approximation methods culminating in discrete optimization and operations research.
In our numerous research and practice projects it is possible to gain insights to mathematical applications already early in the studies. Particularly interesting questions in scientific computing can be enhanced in a dissertation.

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