Theological Live-rary Project Starts in Summer Semester 2024

Theological Live-rary Project is the initiative of the Fachgruppe Intercultural Theology, which is funded by the Faculty of Theology and Equal Opportunity and Diversity Unit.

The project aims to enable women to present different theological topics through contemporary real-life interaction.

Women actors “become” living books, sharing their theological experiences. This interactive learning space is designed for women theologians to articulate their theological praxis in one of the specific areas:

1. Engaging African Theology, Women as Preachers of Equality
2. Theology of Struggle by Women in Asian Context
3. Where There Is Justice Among Women in Dalit Faith
4. Believing in Modernity, Women as Ministers and Celebrants
5. Women and Violence, War and Forced Migration
6. Eco-feminism and Eco-Theology

Women actively engage in theological discourse across cultures and diverse faith practices today. The presence of women in Intercultural Theology offers a platform to contribute their theological experiences and endeavors within the Faculty of Theology and across academic disciplines in the University.

The first event of the project will take place on the 26th of April 2 -4 pm at the ESG building (Nikolausberger Weg 27-29, 37073 Göttingen).

Live-rary Lartey 2024 Theme: Women in Church Leadership and African Women’s Theology

She is a young woman theologian from Ghana, a graduate of MA in Intercultural Theology from Göttingen University and currently writing her PhD thesis on women in Ghanaian Pentecostal/Charismatic church leadership at the Centre for Religious Studies at the Ruhr University, Bochum in Germany.
Her research interests are African Women’s Theology, Womanist Theology, African Pentecostalism, and African Women Studies, concentrating on women in church leadership.

Language: Deutsch/ English

Live-rary Wetzel 2024 Theme: ‘Challenges from Faith amid the Devastating Effects of Typhoons’

She experienced the most devastating typhoon in the Philippines, Typhoon Haiyan. She and her family survived the onslaught of the typhoon that killed almost 10,000 people in the year 2013.
She was involved in the recovery efforts in the Eastern Visayas region, in the area of Primary Health Care Clinic with the Palo ASB (Arbeiter – Samariter – Bund) FAST (First Assistance Samaritan Team)
Mission and with the JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) project on Strengthening Maternal and Child Health Services.
Her story, to be told as a book, starts with an experience of devastation in an island community continuously impacted by climate disruptions to being a coordinator of resilient response projects benefiting women and children.
Hers is a theology of life project, where she connects communities' faith amid typhoons and social struggles faced by women and children in the Philippines.

Language: English

Live-rary Hoppe 2024 Theme: Where There Is Justice Among Women in Dalit Faith

She is a Dalit Christian, and an ecumenical pastor in the Hamburg-West/Südholstein church district.
Her topic is ‘Where There is Justice among Women in Dalit Faith’, a way to bring her story among Dalit women, the struggles intertwined in social and faith experiences. Her deep intercultural formation will provide an integral lens to ‘break free’ from the dehumanizing dominance of the caste system still existing in Hindu culture.

Language: Deutsch/ English