Cathrin Sprenger: Learning to teach through research: On the training of research and reflection skills of prospective foreign language teachers in the teaching-learning laboratory

The research work deals with the suitability of research-based learning for the acquisition of research and reflection competences of prospective teachers. Following the action research approach, a seminar concept is developed and evaluated in which M.Ed. students design, conduct, research and reflect on an event for students in the teaching-learning laboratory as part of their research internship in English.

Prospective teachers must be able to understand and classify research results within the framework of a scientific university teacher education in order to be able to further develop school and teaching (Haberfellner 2016). In addition, they should develop a research habitus that enables an analytical view of (their own) teaching (Baumgardt 2014).
The research project uses a mixed-methods approach to find out how students assess the acquisition of research skills and reflect on the research process. In an interview study, attitudes towards, experiences with and reflections on research are collected and evaluated using qualitative content analysis. In addition, students will be surveyed in a pre-post design with a closed questionnaire (Böttcher &Thiel 2012) on their self-assessment of their research skills.