Against the backdrop of globalization and digitization, antitrust law is experiencing turbulent times -
far-reaching reform projects and spectacular decisions on topics such as digitization or private
enforcement are appearing at a previously unknown frequency. It is all too easy for this to focus
attention on the immediately preceding issues. Without denying the importance of these more recent
developments, antitrust ought to strive for a coherent cross-border regulatory framework, especially
since markets and competitive dynamics are less and less restricted by national borders. This is all the
more true for the closely intertwined economies of Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. It is to this
end that the D-A-CH Antitrust Law Forum was established as a trinational cooperation project and
platform for regular, well-founded discourse between antitrust law scholars and practitioners in these

The forum was initiated by Eckart Bueren and founded together with Peter Picht and Anna Wolf-
Posch. At its heart are recurring conferences that target scholars and practitioners in the German-
speaking countries while including perspectives from economics and other legal systems.
Participation is free of charge and open to the public.

You can access the material and presentations held at the D-A-CH Antitrust Law Forum’s
Conferences in 2020 and 2022 using the links on the right hand side.