Publication and Conference List

Date of birth

December 3rd, 1983 in Munich (Germany)

Current Activites

DFG funded postdoc project: Behaviour under imperfect competition on markets for agricultural goods in economically less developed countries, exemplified with the rubber value chain

Associated member of Collaborative Research Centre 990.


  • 2012: - 2015
    Georg August University Göttingen, Germany:
    Ph.D.: Failures and Interventions on Agricultural Markets at the International, National and Regional Scale

  • 2009-2011:
    Georg August University Göttingen, Germany:
    M.Sc.: Agricultural Economics and Sociology
    Thesis: Preference Erosion: Everything But Arms and Sugar

  • 2006-2009:
    Humboldt University Berlin, Germany:
    B.A.: Area Studies of Asia and Africa; Focus Region: East Africa.
    Thesis: Fairtrade in Africa: Consumers’ Expectations, Impacts on Producers

Current Projects

  • Kopp, T. and R. Sexton. “Estimating the welfare loss of double marginalization for Indonesian rubber production and manufacturing”.
  • Kopp, T. “When asymmetric switching costs cause market power: the case of rubber processing in Indonesia”.
  • Kopp, T. and J. Salecker. “Modelling Social Evolutionary Processes and Peer Effects in Agricultural Trade Networks: the Rubber Value Chain in Indonesia”.
  • Kopp, T. and F. Dorn. Social equity and ecological sustainability - can the two be achieved together? Discussion paper
  • Kopp,T., B. Dalheimer, Z. Alamsyah, M. Yanita, and B. Brümmer. “Can the South East Asian rubber conglomerate manipulate international rubber prices?”
  • Kopp, T. and S. Lange. “The macroeconomic environmental impacts of digitalization”.

Selected Publications

  • Lange, S., P. Pütz, and T. Kopp (2018). “Do Mature Economies Grow Exponentially?” In: Ecological Economics 147, 123–133 (shared ‚first authorship).
  • Kopp, T., Brümmer, B., Alamsyah, Z., Fatricia, R.S. (2017). Welfare implications of intertemporal marketing margin manipulation. British Food Journal, 119(8).
  • Kopp, T., Becker, M., Decker, S., Eicker, J., Engelmann, H., Eradze, I., Forster, F., Haller, S., Heuwieser, M., Hoffmann, M., Noever Castelos, C., Podstawa, C., Shah, A., Siemons, A., Wenzel, T., Wolfinger, L. (2017). Auf Kosten anderer? Wie die imperiale Lebensweise ein gutes Leben für alle verhindert. oekom, München
  • Kopp, T., B. Brümmer (2017). Traders' market power along Indonesian rubber value chains. China Agricultural Economic Review. 9(2).
  • Kopp, T, S. Prehn, B. Brümmer (2016). Preference Erosion - the Case of Everything But Arms and Sugar. The World Economy. 39(9), p. 1339?1359.
  • Lange, S., P. Pütz, T. Kopp (2016). Do Mature Economics Grow Exponentially? Discussion Paper
  • Kopp, T (2015) Failures and Interventions on Agricultural Markets at the International, National and Regional Scale?. PhD Thesis.
  • Kopp, T (2010) Everything But Arms and Sugar: Trade between Mozambique and the EU?. Nottingham Economic Review.
  • Kopp, T (2009) Fair Trade in Afrika: Erwartungen von VerbraucherInnen, Auswirkungen auf ProduzentInnen? VDM Verlag, Saarbrücken.


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