Yes and no. No credits are granted for the Certificate as such. But some credits can be earned by completing individual prerequisites for the Certificate:

  • i²MoVe module 1: 6 credits
  • i²MoVe module 2: 3 credits
  • Subject-related partnerships at the Faculty of Social and Cultural Sciences: X creditsAcademic writing partnerships: 4 credits

Attention: please enquire at your Faculty ahead of time if you can really add these credits to the key competence score of your degree programme.

If you wish to fulfil the prerequisites in both areas and to obtain two certificates, you have to acquire a total of 24 Internationalisation Points (IP) from at least three different fields of the mandatory optional components, and of course you must complete both mandatory components as well.

Commitment in an international student organisation such as IAESTE can be credited as a mandatory optional component. There is also the possibility of suggesting alternatives for the mandatory optional components. These can subsequently earn IPs for the certificates. The relevant commitment, however, should be university-related and concern the integration of foreign students, or promote networking between foreign and German students.ung internationaler und deutscher Studierender fördern.

InDiGU – Integration and Diversity at Göttingen University. The project sponsored by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), which offers the International Certificate as well as student partnerships.

PROFIN – Programme for promoting the integration of foreign students. Integration projects at several German universities are sponsored as part of the DAAD PROFIN programme. InDiGU is one of 35 model projects.