Since October 2018, I have been doing my doctorate and working at the Chair of Criminal Law and Criminology of Professor Dr. Katrin Höffler at the Faculty of Law. I am investigating the effects of increasing datafication and digitalisation of police information processing on the activities of German police forces from a criminological and legal perspective. During my studies in Göttingen, I already worked as a student assistant in various contexts - since 2014 - and therefore feel very connected to the academic sector.

In my understanding, science does not only include the examination of one's own research, but also builds very significantly on mutual exchange and cooperation between the different disciplines as well as individual qualifications. In this context, as I have experienced myself, the GGG already does a lot with regard to networking opportunities and further education offers. At the same time, there will certainly be many ideas and wishes on your part that are not yet sufficiently represented in the GGG's programme.

If elected, my main concern would be to identify and represent your interests in the GGG board. In particular, I would like to evaluate and continue the online surveys started by my predecessors, so that the GGG always has an up-to-date impression of the needs of doctoral researchers. Of course, I would also like to be your contact person for individual GGG concerns of any kind.

In addition to representing your interests, I would like to work within the GGG:

  • to further deepen the interdisciplinary exchange between the (young) scientists of the departments involved in the GGG,

  • to expand the possibilities of contact with GGG graduates who are no longer working in (university) science, in order to create professional perspectives for the time after the doctorate,

  • stimulate professional cooperation with other graduate schools at the university, and

  • explore possibilities for a stronger integration of course offerings into doctoral studies, especially at faculties where the connection to the GGG is still expandable.

    I welcome every supportive vote from you to take these concerns forward!