Concept about Diversity to support PhD students

As students and researchers, doctoral students are a special group whose interests and needs are not identical to those of students or employees. Especially in the qualification phase, it is essential that doctoral students experience diversified perspectives in academia, are themselves valued in their diversity and are prepared for a diversity-oriented pursuit of their later professional activities, as they not only shape the university context after graduation, but are also tomorrow's experts outside academia, helping to shape the economy and society.

The GGG's concept for diversity-oriented supervision of doctoral students concretises the university's inclusive and transformative diversity strategy for the supervision of doctoral students (of the social sciences faculties), presents existing measures, links them to each other and identifies potential for development. It serves as a self-commitment to honour diversity, remove obstacles and offer framework conditions that enable doctoral researchers to use their own potential in the best possible way for themselves, science, their own career path and society in publica commoda.

The first version of the concept was developed by the GGG staff in the course of strategic discussions in the GGG board and office from 2015 to 2018. The further development lives from your suggestions...

Authors (July 2018):
Dr. Britta Korkowsky, Serena Müller, Dr. Bettina Roß, with participation of Mike Bielib
Board of GGG (Governance and Strategy develmonet)