Key sentences from GGG's diversity concept for PhD students

The present concept of the GGG concretises the university's diversity strategy for doctoral students. In its commitment to a diversity-oriented organisation that enables excellent studying, doctoral studies and work, the GGG bases its concept and thus its activities on the following core principles:

  • Promo students are heterogeneous in terms of origin and life situation. Their interests and needs are neither completely identical to students nor to employees.
  • Diversity is recognised as normal with the aim that every person can develop their abilities to live and work well (empowerment approach).
  • In the course of developing a diversity-friendly organisational structure and culture, framework conditions are sought for the doctorate that enable participation, empowerment and educational equity, and avoid exclusion and disability.
  • The diversity concept for doctoral students is research-based, particularly with regard to intersectionality and the empowerment approach, and is continuously developed in exchange with university partners, responding to changing needs and aiming to develop best practices.
  • Different dimensions of diversity such as gender, physical and mental condition, social origin, social status, sexual orientation, age, family responsibility, religion/belief, ethnic origin/nationality/migration background interact intersectionally as differences and similarities.
  • In their interconnectedness, the diversity categories have complex effects on access opportunities through privileges and discrimination. These are part of a power structure of social inequality and have an impact on educational and occupational opportunities.
  • The GGG's services are aimed at individuals and target groups as well as at the diversity-oriented further development of university structures and culture.
  • In the sense of an engaged university, the diversity-oriented support of doctoral students contributes to preparing future shapers of science, business, politics and society for societal challenges in a diversity-oriented way.