Lower Saxony church history

The department of Lower Saxony Church History is a part of the Institute for Special Research in the Theological Faculty and represents a subject which is not offered elsewhere. Its main importance in terms of ministerial training is to give the clergy of various churches in Lower Saxony the opportunity to become more familiar with the history of their home churches.
With increasing historical-geographical insights into the importance of social-historical issues this regional-historical work is attracting more general academic interest.

Unfortunately, in view of the university’s limited financial resources, the chair of Lower Saxony Church History is currently vacant. However, a limited range of courses are still being taught by qualified lecturers. The department is of great importance because of its extensive and comprehensive library (approximately 12,000 volumes). As a result of the library’s involvement with the Society of Lower Saxony Church History, which exchanges publications with numerous regional-historical institutions, the department is superbly equipped and always up to date, despite the shortage of funds.

In an arrangement with the State and University Library of Lower Saxony (SUB) in Göttingen (which is located only 50 m from the Theological Faculty) an attempt is being made to ensure that there is a copy of every book on hand and available in Göttingen. It can therefore be maintained that the departmental library enables multifaceted regional-historical specialised research which is not just restricted to Lower Saxony. For any theology student belonging to a German church which is not located in Lower Saxony, studying the history of his/her home church in Göttingen can be worthwhile.