Maraja Riechers

- Maraja Riechers was member of the PhD students’ representation 2013-2015 -

I am an interdisciplinary working PhD candidate at the faculty of agricultural science. In my project I focus on the topic of valuing nature in qualitative, quantitative and monetary ways.
Before my PhD I studied and worked at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden with focus on human ecology. I did my B.A. in social science at the Leibniz- University in Hanover.

Information about candidature
Due to my interdisciplinary work I would like to create more platforms for networking and discussion between the faculties, departments and groups. There is a lot to gain from collaborative research, especially for PhD students. This networking could also be on different levels including students, PhD students and post-docs. Interdisciplinary connections do not only increase the quality of research and publications but also strengthen the position of PhD students as it leads out of isolation.
Also I would like to strengthen the position of PhD students and their rights in face of conflicts or high dependency on supervisors. The work of the current PhD representatives should be kept going to create a sense of coherence for the staff and students. Additionally, the current financial situation for many PhD students is precarious. Many students face at least once the problem of financial insecurity – be it in the first semester, the publication period or for the full course of their PhD. When elected I would like to see if there are possibilities to better the situation. Possibly by widen information of available grants and to increase the help with grant writing or likewise.