Prof. Dr. Eva Orthmann

Education career 

1995 – 2000

Ph.D. at the University of Halle-Wittenberg. Title of doctoral thesis: Die arabischen Stämme im 2. und 3. Jahrhundert der Hiǧra

1989 – 1995

Islamic and Iranian Studies at the University of Tübingen. Title of master’s thesis: ʿAbd or-Raḥīm Ḫān-e Ḫānān, Staatsmann und Mäzen

Professional experience

Since 2018

Professor of Iranian Studies at the University of Göttingen.

2007 – 2018

Professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Bonn.

2005 – 2007

Visiting Research Scholar, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Yale University, USA; research project: Islamic Astrology.

2000 – 2005

Assistant professor at the Department of Oriental Studies of the University of Zurich, Switzerland.

Administrative experience

2012 – 2014

Deputy Director of the Institute of Oriental and Asian Studies, University of Bonn.

2010 – 2012

Director of the Institute of Oriental and Asian Studies, University of Bonn.

2008 – 2010,
2015 – 2018

IT officer of the Institute of Oriental and Asian Studies.

Conferences and workshops

  • 5th Perso-Indica Conference: Science and Philosophy: Translation, Transmission and Interaction between Persianate and Hindu Traditions (with Prof. Fabrizio Speziale). Bonn, February 2018.

  • 3rd Perso-Indica Conference: The Sultanate Period and the Early Mughal Empire (with Prof. Chander Shekhar). Delhi, September 2015.

  • 2nd Perso-Indica Conference: The Persianisation of Indian Learning: Texts, Approaches and Forms of Expression (with Prof. Fabrizio Speziale). Bonn, February 2014.

  • The Ceremonial of Audience: Transcultural Perspectives on pre-modern Representations of Power. Bonn (zus. mit Dr. Anna Kollatz), Juni 2017.

  • Kulturgutzerstörung: Seminar at the summer academy of the Studienstiftung in La-Colle-sur-Loup (with Prof. Alexander Pruß), September 2017.

  • Angriff auf die Identität: Die Zerstörung von Kulturgut in bekannten und ungekannten Dimensionen (with Prof. Sabine Schenk), Bonn, October 2015.

  • Junior Researchers Conference in Iranian Studies (with Dr. Jasmin Khosravie), Bonn, October 2014.

  • Workshop Azar Kaiwaniyan, Bonn, September 2014.

  • Science and Nature in the Nizarite Sphere (with Dr. Petra Schmidl), Bonn, July 2011.

Externally funded projects

  • Der Dustūr al-munaǧǧimīn als Quelle für die Geschichte der Ismāʿiliyya und ihre astronomisch-astrologischen Vorstellungen (DFG, 2009-2015).

  • Die Azar Kaiwāniyān und ihre Lehren (DFG, 2012-2016).

  • Perso-Indica (ANR-DFG, 2014-2018).

  • Herrschaftsrepräsentation und Zeremoniell am Moghulhof (since 2016, subproject of the SFB 1167).

Referee activities

  • Referee for the DFG, the DAAD, the Swiss National Science Foundation, the Thyssen Foundation, the German Academic Scholarship Foundation, and in accreditation procedures.

  • Liaison lecturer for the German Academic Scholarship Foundation.

Research and teaching interests

  • Mughal Empire, astrology, Indo-Persian transfer of knowledge and culture, Ismāʿīliyya, history of science, tribalism.

  • Regions: Iran, India.

  • Time: Delhi Sultanate, Mughal Empire, Ismailites.


Persian, Arabic, Pahlavi, Urdu, Turkish.