Recognition of Alternative Courses (University Göttingen)


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Where can I find the regulations on how to apply for an alternative course?

The course-specific Examination Regulations for the bachelor's and master's programmes (with the exception of students in the Business and Human Resource Education programmes and the two-subject bachelor's programme in economics) of the Faculty of Business and Economics provide the opportunity to include alternative courses into the programme's electives curriculum. Please refer to the Examination Regulations of your field of study.

When can I apply for the recognition of an alternative course?

To determine whether you can apply for the recognition of an alternative course, please refer to the following graphic:


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How do I apply for the recognition of an alternative course?

Please submit the following documents to the Student Advisory Service of the Faculty of Business and Economics:

  • Application for the recognition of an alternative course (see link above)
  • A module description of the course (Modulbeschreibung) that you would like to receive credit for (this should include the content of the course, credit points and the examination structure of the course)

Due to the current home office regulations, please send us the request form and module description as one PDF per module by email. In addition to the request form, we also require your transcript of records. This will be requested in the original if necessary.

Please note that the process for recognition of alternative modules is long and can therefore take time. Especially if you wish to have modules of other faculties recognized (not B.WIWI. or M.WIWI. modules). Recognition up to the examination date can only succeed if the application is submitted 4 weeks after the start of lectures. For applications received after this, timely review before the examination date cannot be ensured.

Please note that you can only apply for the recognition of alternative courses before the course is completed. Please refer to the General Examination Regulations § 13 (9) (Allgemeine Prüfungsordnung)).

What are the steps of the approval process?

The Dean of Academic Studies (StudiendekanIn) of the Faculty of Business and Economics has the authority to approve applications. The appropriateness of substituting the course will be reviewed by the responsible persons for the respective degree programmes before a decision is made.

The application may be refused without providing an explanation, the applicant does not have legal claim over the decision. For further information, please see the Examination Regulations (Prüfungsordnungen) of the relevant bachelor's or master's degree programmes).