My research focuses on the areas of credit frictions and globalisation, innovation and international trade, as well as the influence of tax reforms on the export behaviour of companies.


Credit Constraints, Endogenous Innovations, and Price Setting in International Trade
with Carsten Eckel, International Economic Review, June 2023, DOI: 10.1111/iere.12651.

Modeling Inter-Regional Patient Mobility: Theory and Evidence from Spatially Explicit Data
with Michael Irlacher, Dieter Pennerstorfer, and Anna-Theresa Renner,
International Economic Review, April 2023, DOI: 10.1111/iere.12635

Quality and Gravity in International Trade
with Lisandra Flach, Journal of International Economics 137, 2022, 103578.

Corporate Taxes and Multi-Product Exporters: Theory and Evidence from Trade Dynamics
with Lisandra Flach and Michael Irlacher,
Journal of International Economics 132, 2021, 103515.

Credit Frictions, Selection into External Finance and Gains from Trade
Canadian Journal of Economics 54(3), 2021: 1206-1251.

Effective Tax Rates, Endogenous Mark-ups and Heterogeneous Firms
with Michael Irlacher, Economics Letters 173, 2018: 51-54.

Capital Market Imperfections and Trade Liberalization in General Equilibrium
with Michael Irlacher, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 145, 2018: 402-423.

Working Papers

Financial Development and Export Concentration
CESifo Working Paper No. 10305, CESifo Munich, March 2023.

Work in Progress

Relationship Banking versus Transaction Banking in Multinational and Domestic Firms (with Karin Mayer-Dorn, Michael Irlacher, and Esther Segalla)

Banking Crises and Export Dynamics (with Susanne Wischnath)

Capital Intensity and the Impact of Corporate Tax Reforms (with Michael Irlacher and Peter Öhlinger)

North-South Trade: The Impact of Robotization (with Andreas Baur, Lisandra Flach and Isabella Gourevich)

The Impact of Corporate Taxation Along the Global Value Chain (with Hayato Kato)