Ongoing Research Funding

DFG research project (JA 2108/8-1): “Elucidation of the molecular mechanisms that generate a remarkable open-coil “banana” shell phenotype in Lymnaea stagnalis”. PIs: D. Jackson, A. Baynes (Brunel University, London, U.K.), C. McDougall (University of St Andrews, U.K.)

DFG research project (DU 1450/8-1): “Linking Redox-Cycling to Hydrogeology: Sedimentological Controls on the Capacity of Aquifers to Reduce Nitrate and other Dissolved Electron Acceptors” (DFG-FWF project within Weave initiative). PIs: Jan-Peter Duda, O. A. Cirpka (University of Tübingen), A. Mellage (University of Kassel), C. Griebler (University of Vienna)

DFG research project (WO 1491/5-1): “Identification, structure and occurrence of fossil melanin pigments”. PI: Klaus Wolkenstein

DFG Emmy-Noether Research Project (DU 1450/7-1): “Reaching for life in the distant past – deciphering the geobiology of modern and ancient hydrothermal sulfides”. PI: Jan-Peter Duda

DFG Research Project (DU 1450/3-2; RE 665/42-2; TH 713/13-2): “Kerogen in Archean rocks: Biotic vs abiotic signatures – Pt. II” (part of the DFG SPP 1833 "Building a Habitable Earth"). PIs: Jan-Peter Duda, Joachim Reitner, Volker Thiel