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Collaborative research - Research Training Groups

Research Training Groups are established by universities to promote early career researchers. They are funded by the DFG for a period of up to nine years. Their key emphasis is on the qualification of doctoral researchers within the framework of a focused research programme and a structured training strategy.

The application process consists of two steps: The submission and approval of a draft proposal is followed by the submission of the complete establishment proposal and an on-site review by the DFG.

Profit from our experience

The Research and Transfer Department will assist you in all stages of the application procedure. We consult with you regarding the preparation of your proposals, facilitate the compilation of the research profiles of participating researchers, help you when it comes to the cooperation with universitary committees, confer with the DFG and offer you an extensive reviewing service.

Our RTG schedule will provide you with an overview of milestones in the application process and an insight into the course of action. Any further details specific to your project or concerning precise processes will gladly be discussed in individual consultations. We therefore cordially invite you to contact us early on.