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Ideas Competitions since 2008

2014 – »Mobile learning«
What does "mobile learning" mean? What can modern teaching through e-learning look like? How can teaching and learning be well arranged through more mobility? In 2014 students looked at different ways of mobility. Six out of 90 proposals were selected from the Independent Jury.

2013 - "Seize opportunities! Moving from studies to work"
How can the University support the vocational interests and abilities of students? In 2013 the challenge was for ideas that demonstrate a successful transition from studies to work.
Six proposed improvements were awarded cash and non-cash prizes.

2012 -– "Diversity? -– Promoting Variety!"
How can the university promote variety in teaching and learning? In 2012, the challenge was for proposals for improvement which incorporate amongst other things different educational backgrounds, family circumstances or diverse perspectives in teaching and learning. Nine proposed improvements in the field of diversity were awarded cash and non-cash prizes.

2011 -–– "Innovative Learning - Curiosity for Research!
Ideas for a better culture of teaching and learning"

A different way of learning and research? The 2011 competition called for approaches to motivate academic work and greater exchange between teaching staff and students as well as stimulating interest in practical research. From around fifty submissions the Jury selected six winners.

2010 –- "We're joining in! - New impetus for Bologna"
In the 2010 competition, students were urged to make proposals for realising and developing academic reforms. Seven of roughly 75 submissions won prizes.

2009 -– "We're joining in too! - Cooperating, participating and changing"
Playing an active part in shaping study conditions! This year?s competition called in particular for suggestions for further development of the curricula and suitable broadening of the offering; students made around 80 proposals including in relation to the quality of services and studies.

2008 -– "Committed students - initiatives for first class conditions of study in Goettingen"
With the first round of the Ideas Competition the university invited its students to become involved in creating outstanding conditions of study and positive change. The creative potential of the students was clear from roughly 155 submissions. Besides the idea of a campus radio by and for students, two other concepts dealing with the choice of degree programme and/or preparation for this choice were awarded prizes.