Dear students,

Welcome in the Examination Office of the Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Informatics, Geography and Geosciences!

Currently, our examination office manages bachelor and masters courses of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Informatics, Geography and Geosciences (except Biology and Psychology and PhD programs).


Due to the current situation, no on-site consultation hours are offered.

Our staff can be reached via e-mail using the listed addresses. Contact by phone is also possible during office hours.

Consultation hours for Physics, Matter-to-Life, and Ecosystem Management as well as Chemistry, Geosciences and Materials Sciences are offered via video conferences. For details, see the respective links, please.

Currently, Bachelor and Masters theses are exclusively handed in electronically (via Flexnow) and are transferred to the reviewers.

- Please, follow timely news via and note the newsletters provided by the president's office.


Chemistry, Materials Sciences, Geosciences
Mrs. Frohnert:
16.06. - 18.06. - no consultation hours

Physics, Matter-to-Life, Ecosystem Management
Mrs. Busch:

26.07. - 17.08. - no consultation hours

Geographie, Hydrogeology and Environmental Geoscience, Diplom (Zweitschriften, Bescheinigungen)
Mrs. Kirst:
18.06. - 21.06. - no consultation hours

Mathematics, Informatics
Mrs. Gunia: