Cooperation Opportunities

In Courses

In Research

  • Theses
    In cooperation with companies, master students develop concepts and partial solutions for limited problem areas within the scope of a five-month final thesis. Therein, they are closely supervised by the scientific staff. Current topics for theses can be found here.
  • Project study
    In small student groups (2 to 5 master students), projects are conducted in companies under scientific guidance to give students the opportunity to apply their theoretical foundations in practice. As a rule, actual analyzes are carried out, target conceptions are developed and prototypes are implemented. Common components include organizational and process analyzes, market studies or the development of mobile or web-based application systems. Current topics for the project study can be found here .
  • Dissertation / Third-party funded project
    In practice-oriented dissertations, such operational problems are examined in close cooperation with a company, the scope of which justifies several years of work by a doctoral candidate, which are at the same time so fundamental that immediate solutions are not available on the market and which suggest a scientific approach. Such a project may also be a staff development measure, to the extent that the person concerned is simultaneously prepared for later work in the company.
    Third-party funded F&E projects are the most flexible form of knowledge transfer. Depending on the nature and extent of the problem, scientific staff and / or students will work under the guidance of a professor. Both innovative and applicable scientific solutions are being developed. Through granting third-party funds, it is possible to promote a 50-50 or 75-25 percent position at the chair in order to ensure a more intensive exchange.
  • Interview partner
    Interview partnerare repeatedly in demand at irregular intervalsin order to collect practical requirements, to create market surveys or to evaluate concepts or prototypes. Depending on the type of survey (eg expert interview or questionnaire), the scope of the interviews can be between 15-60 minutes. Participation is completely anonymous. If requested, the results are provided to participating company managers in the form of a management summary.