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Our Approach

The work of the Division Human Resources Development is conceived to go hand in hand with the strategic objectives of the University of Göttingen. Thereby, our division identifies its tasks in providing both, expertise in making offers to the University´s staff in order to contribute to an improvement of knowledge and skills. On the other hand we try to coordinate different activities flowing in from different other divisions (e.g. the division of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Unit, the four Graduate Schools of the University of Göttingen). The target-oriented support of the University´s staff will only succeed through our close collaboration with the leadership of the university and further agents. Accordingly, our own division is developing on the basis of grown structures, experiences and resources, which have proved to be effective. HR Development strives to visualise all existing educational offers transparently and systematically and to fill gaps purposefully by further support.

Educational offers organized by our team shall be adapted to the requirements of the various target groups, taking into account the different features / cultures of their work and discipline. HR´s conceivement of advanced training courses and instruments focus around the strengthening of personal responsibility and improvement of skills. The HR training measures shall take into account various aspects of diversity and individual adaptability in accordance to the diversity of our employees. In this context, the HR Development team is happy to support the creation of equal opportunity. In addition, we are bound to a scientific foundation of the courses and workshops.