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Non-technical project summary (NTP)

A printout of the non-technical project summary (NTP plus ID code), should be included with the application for an animal experiment and submitted to the Lower Saxony State Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (LAVES), i.e. the competent authority. Without the current ID code, the application submission will be deemed INCOMPLETE.

To draft an NTP, use the web-based app for applicants “AnimalTestInfo-Antragsteller”. Based on the details stated in the application for an animal experiment subject to mandatory authorisation requirements, the NTP should describe the elements listed below (Section 41 (1) of the German Regulation on the Protection of Animals Used for Scientific Purposes (TierSchVersV) and be submitted with the application:

  • Purpose(s) of the planned experiment
  • The benefit to be expected from the planned experiment
  • The harms to the intended animals to be expected from the planned experiment
  • The number and species of the animals planned to be used
  • The following requirements must be fulfilled:
    • The number of animals used is limited to indispensable minimum
    • The pain, suffering and harm caused to the animals are limited to an indispensable minimum and are deemed essential
    • No alternative approaches or methods can be employed to achieve the intended purpose
    • The species selected is indispensable and justified to achieve the intended purpose

Pursuant to Section 41 (2) TierSchVersV, the project summary may not contain any institutional or personal data, whereby the provisions governing the protection of intellectual property, business and trade secrets remain unaffected.

The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) maintains the relevant databases. The NTP can be created, edited and stored directly in the password-protected area of the BfR's database. Since the end of August 2015, the NTPs must be transmitted via this BfR platform and no longer, as was previously the case, by email to the competent approval authority. Once an application has been approved, the NTP will be released for publication by the competent approval authority via this platform.

Note: It is the duty of the researchers and scientists completing the NTP to maintain their rights. The target audience of the NTP is the general public.

You can fInd more information on the Website of the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR).