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Keeping of experimental animals

Any person intending to breed vertebrates for experimental purposes in research or teaching or also for the purpose of exchanging or selling these animals to third parties requires authorisation by the competent authority pursuant to Section 11 of the German Animal Welfare Act (TierSchG) PRIOR to any breeding or keeping of said animals.

The following purposes are subject to mandatory authorisation requirements (TierSchG):

  • Killing for scientific purposes
  • Removal of organs or tissue pursuant to Section 6 (1) sentence 2 No. 4
  • Surgical interventions and treatments for the purpose of training, specialization or continuing education
  • Surgical interventions and treatments for the manufacture, production, conservation and multiplication of substances, products or organisms
  • Experiments on animals pursuant to Section 7 (1)

In order to obtain “Section 11 Authorisation”, an application must initially be submitted to the competent authority. The Veterinary Office of Göttingen is the competent authority for Göttingen University.

Among other elements, the application must include detailed information on:

  • Rooms and facilities (floorplan)
  • Qualifications of the responsible person (proof of technical competence)
  • Animal species and stock (current and future)

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Specific knowledge is a prerequisite for the keeping and breeding of animals used for experimental purposes; that is why not just anybody is allowed to keep or breed experimental animals. The rooms and facilities must also fulfil special requirements.

Professional associations like the GV-SOLAS or TVT have issued statements and recommendations on the subject of technical competence etc. The authority can limit the term of the “Section 11 Authorisation” or impose conditions and restrictions thereon.

Keeping or breeding is not allowed to start until “Section 11 Authorisation” has been granted in writing by the competent authority.

Any application for authorisation pursuant to Section 11 TierSchG must be discussed in advance with the Animal Welfare Officer of Göttingen University.