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Mentoring programme for career entry (Brückenschlag+ project)

The project „Brückenschlag+“, which was managed by the Career Service of the University of Göttingen, took place in three passes from 2018 to 2020. It adressed different structurally disadvantaged groups – students with children, care responsibilities or health impairments as well as stundents with a (forced) migration background and first-generation college students. Its aim was to answer general questions related to career entry as well as more specific questions like the following:

  • How can I explain the fact, that my my studies took more time than usual?
  • When in the application process is the right time to mention my situation?
  • How can I encounter prejudices more confidently?

Components of the programme

  • Individual one-to-one mentoring
  • Qualification
  • Networking
  • Support of the programme’s coordinators

The programme's outcomes can be found on this website.