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Netiquette for the Social Media Channels of the University of Göttingen

The purpose of the University of Göttingen's social media channels is to be an additional source of information about the University on the net. The intention is to facilitate direct dialogue. We are pleased to be able to keep our audience informed with interesting facts about life, studying and research on campus in a clear and timely way.

Our social media channels thrive on the participation of everyone. As is the case in the University, we place special emphasis on appropriate and friendly online interaction and therefore see the following rules as the basis of our shared communication on the net:

Respect? For everyone!

Our tone is factual, polite and respectful and there is no offensive, abusive or provocative language on our part. We expect the same from other users. We do not accept insults and discrimination and delete - if possible - racist, illegal, pornographic or inappropriate comments without prior explanation. We reserve the right to report contributions to the respective platform or to take legal action.

Criticism? Factual and constructive!

Your feedback is important to us! We gladly accept your objective and constructive criticism because it helps us to improve our services.

Comments? Keep to the subject please!

We welcome your comments, but please stay on topic. You can leave us interesting content or recommendations or you can send us a message. We will delete spam without comment.

Privacy policy? Writ large!

We protect your data, because the digital world can be nosey! Confidential details such as addresses, telephone numbers, and registration numbers are never disseminated via our social media sites. Please take care not to disclose your personal data or the data of others.

Copyright law? Of course!

When publishing images and texts via our social media channels, we attach particular importance to compliance with copyright law, personal rights and the right to one's own image. We also expect this from our users.

Advertising? No thanks!

Our intention is to collect and provide information from and for the University of Göttingen. Commercial content will therefore be removed immediately.
As employees of the University, we provide information about the social media presence to the best of our knowledge and belief, but this is not legally binding.

In addition to this Netiquette, we also observe the general standards and terms of use of the respective social media platforms:

This is an English translation of a document originally written in German (Netiquette für die Social Media-Kanäle der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen) and provided in English for informational purposes. If the two versions allow different interpretations, the German version should be followed.)

[Updated: November 2020]