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Ideas Competition for Students 2020:
»Prospective Studying«

What should course contents or course offers include to be future-oriented? Which approaches are necessary to break down possible barriers in your studies despite your physical distance? How can modern communication be used in studies and teaching?

The university cordially invites its students to submit suggestions and new campaigns for the IDEAS COMPETITION FOR STUDENTS 2020 under the motto »Prospective studying«.
Briefly explain (whether as an individual or in a team) your proposal / approaches. The following topics are conceivable, for example:

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The following topics are conceivable, for example:
- How can the university support future-oriented professional interests and skills of students? How can professional requirements and relevant topics for starting a career be conveyed in an exciting way?
- What can instructions for self-reflection look like for future pictures?
- What can mobility look like in the future?
- How can the course best convey digital skills?
- How can digital teaching and learning contribute to cooperation in times of "distancing"?
- How can study and teaching succeed from a distance? What does it take?
- What competencies do students need for sustainable action?
- How can students benefit from a degree in the long term and sustainably?
- How can the study (individually) be made more flexible?
- How can the accessibility of teaching and learning offers improve?
- Which social media channels or tools can be helpful for digital participation in learning groups?
- How could service offers as well as advice and support be designed or made sustainable? What could the advice of the future look like?
- What could support look like in the future?

Do you have good ideas for teaching, study and service offers on the topic of "Prospective studying" and you didn't know how you could contribute them? All students are hereby invited to participate.You can win both rewarding cash prizes and material prizes totaling EUR 3,000.

The patron of the Ideas Competition is the Vice President for Studies, Teaching and Equality and Diversity, Professor Dr. Andrea D. Bührmann.

Suggestions or criticism without concrete solutions or improvements that are already being planned are not considered contributions in the sense of the ideas competition.

Terms and condition
To enter, you are able to send your ideas (alone or as a team) until June 15, 2020 (informally, non-specific form) by e-mail to ideenwettbewerb[at] (Subject: »Prospective studying « Ideas Competition 2020 [your name]) oder per mail to:
Meike Gottschlich
Subject: Ideas Competition 2020
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen,
Wilhelmsplatz 2, 37073 Göttingen.
Your proposal should include:
1) your contact details (Name, address, email address, if available telephone number, matriculation num-ber)
2) a title for your idea
3) a brief description of the current situation
4) an explanation of your suggestion (if an existing situation, explain why change is desirable) and possible ways of implementation
5) the improvements to be achieved.

The length of the description of the proposal should be between one and maximum 15 pages (Din A4).
Nicht als Vorschläge im Sinn des Ideenwettbewerbs gelten Hinweise oder Kritik ohne konkrete Lösungsvorschläge oder Verbesserungsvorschläge, die bereits in konkreter Planung sind.

Further information and the rules for the Ideas Competition can be found on the right side of this website.
The Ideas Management Team will be happy to help you with general questions or with your designs and drafts just call us or send an e-mail to an ideenwettbewerb[at]

Data protection notification
When processing the suggestions any personal data you provide (your name, first name, phone number, e-mail address, address, correspondence, matriculation number, degree program as well as all data that is requested for your suggestions/ideas) will be stored. The University of Göttingen will keep your personal data for one year starting on the day of the respective competition deadline. When winning an award the data will be saved for two years starting on the day of the official award ceremony. Disclosing the data to third parties (e.g. colleagues in other departments) will only be done with your consent (in written form or by e-mail). You can object to the handling of your personal data.