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Cusanuswerk (self-portrayal)

Cusanuswerk is the scholarship funding organisation of the Catholic Church in the Federal Republic of Germany. Sponsored by the Catholic Church, it awards scholarships funded by the government and as well as the Church to exceptionally gifted Catholic students of all subject areas. For more than 50 years, Cusanuswerk has also offered its scholarship recipients a comprehensive programme of education and provided opportunities for intensive personal guidance of scholarship holders. The aim is to enable scholarship recipients to discover their own capabilities for taking on responsibility in the world of tomorrow in dialogue between art, science and religious faith.


Cusanuswerk - Bischöfliche Studienförderung

Liaison lecturer at Göttingen University:

Prof. Dr. Lorenz Trümper
Medical Faculty
Robert-Koch-Straße 40
37075 Göttingen
Phone: +49 (0)551/ 39-8535