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Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studienwerk scholarship foundation (self-portrayal)

The Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studienwerk (ELES) foundation provides funding for especially talented Jewish students and doctoral candidates. Non-Jewish doctoral candidates are also eligible to apply if they work on a topic closely connected with the Jewish community. The aim of this funding programme is to promote the commitment and opportunities for personal development of our scholarship recipients. By measures of ideational support, we strengthen their Jewish identity, sense of responsibility and capability for dialogue. The aim is to encourage them to play a part in shaping the future. The interdisciplinary ELES courses of lectures offer the scholarship recipients an opportunity to exchange information on an interdisciplinary level with international students and doctoral candidates, and to reflect on current topics in the context of their own religious tradition. The programme is rounded off by lectures from visiting scholars and excursions. A special highlight is the international academy held in Israel every year.


Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Foundation (ELES)