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Geography (M.Ed.)

Course description

The degree programme provides the specialised scientific and didactical in-depth education in the subject of geography in preparation necessary for teaching at a secondary school. The students expand and intensify the specialised, didactical knowledge as well as the corresponding methodological skills in human geography, physical geography and regional geography they acquired at their two-subject Bachelor's degree programme.

A total of 29 credits are taken in the area of developing scientific and specialised didactical competencies in geography, of which 14 credits have to be taken in the subject itself (among them 2 credits via the module M.Geg.32) and 15 in the area of specialised didactics.

In the specialised area, students have the option to select two out of four modules, in which complex questions about the relationships between humans and the environment are handled under different geographic circumstances (for instance, problems in the utilization of natural resources, global climatic and socio-economic change).

In the specialised didactic modules, the students learn how to apply scientific methods and facts in geography classes and are placed a position to plan, conduct and evaluate geography lessons properly and in a manner appropriate for the pupils to whom they are addressed, and to meaningfully embed individual lessons into larger instruction units.

In addition to specialised internships to be completed during the degree programme, a special, additional practical orientation is created by means of multi-day educational field trips focused on the didactics of geography. In this module, educational field trips are be analysed as a possible form of instruction for geography lessons. Students learn all the relevant steps for the successful integration of school field trips as an adjunct to classroom work: from planning to implementation and follow-up.

A detailed overview of the degree programme structure and a description of the contents of the module are available via the interactive course plan (see the Link “Study Schedule“).