In publica commoda

governing/representative professors/commissioner

Governing or Representative Professors/Commissioners (‘Verwaltungs- und Vertretungsbeauftragte’) assume the tasks of a vacant teaching chair or of absent or dismissed professors. The appointment is made in an individual public-legal work-service contract and is subject to § 26 par. 7 Lower Saxony Higher Education Act (‘Niedersächsisches Hochschulgesetz' – NHG). Generally, compensation is made acc. to payroll group W2 or W3 (payroll for professors); this is, however, subject to social security contribution deduction. With regard to mandatory pension funds contribution deduction there is an exemption for such governing or representative professors/commissioners who assume the representation or governing as absentee civil servants from other authorities and are issued an assurance certification by their sending authority. These civil servants are advised to contact their home authority as well as the responsible HR clerk to the University Göttingen ASAP in order to clarify the according conditions in a timely manner. This also applies to the issue regarding the granting of benefits or the waiver of benefits in order to receive a health insurance bonus.

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