Welcome in Göttingen

Welcome to the website for International Students !

At the Göttinger Faculty of Theology we are seeking dialog with people from different cultural and faith backgrounds. We welcome you to our facilities and look forward to you being a part of our Theological Studies program. Through cooperation with universities in Brazil, France, USA and Eastern Europe we house a diverse group of students. As a German Theology Faculty, we see the rich tradition of German Theology as an important part of our academic work. Make use of this remarkable tradition to study, for example, the writings of Martin Luther, Friedrich Schleiermacher or Karl Barth.

The city

As a university city, Göttingen offers an immense repertoire of cultural activities. The city, with its approximately 20,000 students attending the Georg-August-University, is oriented towards student living. In addition, Göttingen is also situated in the center of Germany, making it a perfect place to explore the beautiful countryside. In just a few hours, for example, you can reach the famous Harz Mountains. Closer to the city, you can plan a bike tour along the Leine river that runs through Göttingen.

The Faculty

Since the founding of the University in 1737 the Faculty of Theology has been an important part of the campus life. Today around 500 students are registered with the Theology Faculty. Small classes and a personal atmosphere create a good and effective study environment for our students.

Besides the theological disciplines Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, Dogmatic Theology and Ethics, Practical Theology, Religious Studies, Ecumenical Theology and Early Christianity the following study areas are a research focus at Georg-August University:

  • Biblical Archeology
  • Septuagint Research
  • Judaic Studies
  • Biblical Theology
  • Christian Archeology
  • Patristic Theology
  • Syrian Church History
  • Lower Saxony Church History
  • Institutum Lutheranum
  • Karl Barth Research
  • Ecclesiastical Law Institute of the Protestant Church in Germany
  • History of Religions of Late Antiquity and of the Middle East
  • Systems of Faith


We continuously endeavor to insure that our on-site reference library is an effective work space. The library houses approximately 170,000 volumes and 180 journals. It also contains about 100 individual workplaces within the reading hall, and assigned places for laptops and study groups.

The Theology Library is also within short walking distance to one of the largest libraries in Germany. The Lower Saxony State and University Library (SUB) is equipped with 5,900,000 volumes, 1,500,000 microfilms, 13,400 print journal subscriptions, 13,000 manuscripts, 3,100 incunabula, 306,000 maps and plans, 388 sets of literary remains, numerous digital holdings, Internet access, research and study facilities. The extensive collection of theological journals, series, and monographs of the SUB enriches the content of the Theology Library.


Even though we have a master program in English (Intercultural Theology) we want to encourage you to look into our broad variety of theological classes held in German (for participation in German language classes please go to the Lectorate for German as a foreign language).

International Student have the option to either study a German degree or take single classes to deepen their knowledge in a particular theological field in order to enhance further study at their home university. (To be able to apply possible class credits from one of our departments please make sure that the regulations at your home university coincide with the Göttinger Faculty.)

If you are interested in gaining a degree from our faculty, the following study programs are available to you:

Intercultural Theology (M.A.)

Ev. Theologie/ Protestant Theology (Magister)

  • classes are held in German
  • 6 year program
  • includes language exams in Latin, Greek and Hebrew
  • please do not hesitate to ask for acceptance of credits from past theological studies
  • further information

Religious Studies (M.A.)

  • classes are held in German
  • 2 year program
  • combination with a minor subject is required
  • further information

Religious Studies (B.A.)

  • classes are held in German
  • 3 year program
  • combination with another major subject is required
  • further information

For other programs see Study Programs (Aktuelle Studiengänge).

Further Information

Please contact Frank Schleritt for general advisement about studying at the Göttinger Theology Faculty or Prof. Hans-Jürgen Becker, the contact person for international students.

The requirement for graduating with a degree from the Göttinger Theology Faculty is a connection to a church in the World Council of Churches (Der Ökumenische Rat der Kirchen). This does not apply for Religious Studies (B.A. and M.A.).

For further information about admission and enrollment to the Georg-August University please see


The student services organisation (Studentenwerk) administrates a variety of residence halls. The International student services help students to find accommodation there or in private homes (please view here). Additionally, the Theology Faculty offers Halls of Residence for Theology Students.