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Integration of the Student Advisory Service | Professionalisation of the Offices of the Deans of Studies

  • Networking of centralised and decentralised advisory structures
  • Networking of stakeholders in Teaching and Learning Quality Management centrally and at faculty level

As part of the large-scale Professionalisation of the Offices of the Deans of Studies project that is taking place throughout the university, the post of an Advice Networker was introduced to Student and Academic Services (previously the Department for Academic Programme Development and Quality Management) in the 2008 summer semester. This is part of the process of the university’s drive to simplify the advisory structures within the university and make them more transparent.

Every faculty has established a contact for the study and examination advice service, who is in charge of all organisational, international and degree programme related issues in student advice services.

The Advice Networker also oversees the groups of representatives from the Offices of the Deans of Studies, who, as full-time employees, work together with the study and examination advisors to organise the work within the Offices of the Dean of Studies. An effective and comprehensive quality management system is being established at faculty level jointly with the relevant central stakeholders, along with the development of support tools.