In publica commoda

Junior Lecturer and Researcher

For junior lecturer and researcher an a fixed-term public-service contract ("Akademische Rätinnen und Räte auf Zeit) the provisions of § 31 Par. 3 Lower Saxony Higher Education Act ('Niedersächsisches Hochschulgesetz' NHG) as well as the Regulation on the Employment and Evaluation of Junior Lecturer and Researcher on a fixed-term public service are decisive. An appointment can be generally made only if an employment of less than two years after the doctorate degree has been completed prior to the intended appointment. The appointment is made for a term of three years. The civil service contract can be extended once by three years in case of positive evaluation. The teaching load is 4 lecture units (Lehrveranstaltungsstunden LVS).

Civil servants with a permanent junior lecturer and researcher career are not able to be re-appointed with a civil service contract due to the prevailing jurisdiction. It is at best possible to accept existing civil servants in this career from other universities by means of transfer to the University Göttingen (§ 21 par. 1 Sent. 4 NHG). The teaching load for this group of persons is generally 10 LVS. In individual cases they are regulated in the 'determination official duties' individually.