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Mentoring Programmes for (Post)doctoral Researchers

The Göttingen University offers specific mentoring programmes, designed for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers and addressing different career paths.

The mentoring programmes are generally open to members of the whole Göttingen Campus as long as specific requirements are fulfilled.

The main elements are Mentoring - Training - Networking. The University of Göttingen works according to quality standards of the Federal association for mentoring in science.

Mentoring in Science

Dorothea Schlözer Mentoring Programme
Logo DS für Startseite This programme in English language aims at supporting female early-career reseachers in their academic career.

Margaret Maltby Programme UMG
German-language programme for female medical scientists, natural scientists, psychologists.

Science Management
Interested in Science Management? We provide different information formats at the university.

KaWirMento – Paths into the Business Sector

Logo KaWirMento für StartseiteThis program was designed to support doctoral and postdoctoral researchers who are interested in pursuing a career in the private sector.