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Performance-oriented allocation of funds

Performance-oriented allocation of funds (LOM) takes place at various levels. At the state level, there is a performance-based distribution of funds between the state of Lower Saxony and the university through the so-called state formula. Here, 10 percent of state funding is redistributed among Lower Saxony's universities according to a complex calculation model (consisting of performance parameters in the areas of research, teaching and equality).

The result of this redistribution (profit or loss) is then passed on to the faculties by the university on the basis of internal university calculations.

In addition, there are specific university-internal models of performance-oriented allocation of funds for the areas of research and teaching in the faculties. Each faculty has developed its own concepts for research as well as for teaching, which take into account the specific subject cultures. Up to 6.9% of a faculty's total budget (personnel and material resources) is distributed on the basis of performance parameters.

For more information on performance-based funding and the relevant FACTScience software, please visit: Employee Portal (MaP)