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Protestant Religion (M.Ed.)

Course description

The study of the subject Protestant Theology in the Master of Education degree programme teaches students how to initiate and continue the processes of religious education in the classroom and how to teach theological subjects and methods. It builds on the basic knowledge acquired in the Bachelor's degree programme in the disciplines of the Old and New Testaments, church history, systematic theology and religious and missionary studies. The Master's degree programme concentrates on the professional transfer of knowledge about theological issues in the classroom, on the one hand, while enabling students to intensify their theological knowledge and abilities in an exemplary manner, on the other. For this purpose, they select a sub-discipline (subject-related specialisation) and a cross-disciplinary topic (topic-related specialisation) and then intensively study these (for a total of 14 credits). Specialised didactics is studied in the modules "Planning and reflection of religious education" (with a 4 - or 5-week internship) and "Analysis and development of religious education processes in a pluralistic society" (for a total of 15 credits).

Language requirements before the start of studies

Knowledge of Latin (Latinum certificate), subject-related knowledge of Greek (acquired in the BA degree programme)