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Student ambassadors of Göttingen University – students visiting schools

Finishing school and starting university studies. Anyone facing this exciting phase of life has many questions. Here our student ambassadors can give answers: They know from their own experience what questions senior secondary pupils need to have answered, as they were in exactly the same position themselves only a short time ago.

Of course the programme focuses on the question of how to find a suitable subject for study.

The student ambassadors give personal and authentic accounts of their own path to university studies, student life, and some pleasant and perhaps also difficult situations encountered in this new phase of life. For complex questions the student ambassadors can direct you to the right contact persons.

You can choose student ambassadors from a variety of subject areas and use them in regular classes or special events at your senior secondary school. We will arrange the organisation and content of your event individually and jointly with you. This programme is free of charge.

Of course it is also possible to combine visits from student ambassadors with other study preparation programmes organised by our Central Student Advisory Office. Please contact us!