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Submitting application forms

1. Submitting a draft to the Animal Welfare Officer

  • A draft of the application should be submitted to the Animal Welfare Officer for a statement – preferably by email as PDF including all appendixes.
  • Receipt of the draft is confirmed with date and signature. The application will be issued an internal Göttingen University file number. Syntax for internal applicants: consecutive no./year number/int. Syntax for external applicants: consecutive no./year number/ext.
  • A file is created in the intranet that only the Animal Welfare Committee can access.
  • The members of the Animal Welfare Committee receive notification about the procedure.
  • The application is discussed at the earliest possible consultation meeting. The dates are posted on the “Animal Welfare” website of Göttingen University, as are the submission deadlines.

2. The Animal Welfare Committee

  • The Animal Welfare Committee convenes to discuss the application in a timely manner and issues suggestions for improvement, approval or rejection for the record.
  • The Animal Welfare Officer takes down the minutes of the meeting, which are filed in the records after being signed by the Animal Welfare Officer.
  • In a talk with the Animal Welfare Officer, the applicant is given suggestions to improve and revise the application, where appropriate.

3. The Animal Welfare Officer prepares a final statement

  • After the applicant has prepared the final version of the application, the Animal Welfare Officer issues a statement on the application, taking into account the deliberations of the Animal Welfare Committee.

4. The Animal Welfare Officer forwards the application

  • The applicant hands over to the Animal Welfare Officer the final version of the application, including all appendixes, as an original (along with 6 copies when animal experiment projects subject to mandatory authorisation requirements are involved and one copy when planned experiments subject to mandatory reporting requirements are involved).
  • The Animal Welfare Officer reviews the original documents for completeness and sends them (including the statement and cover letter—when animal experiments subject to mandatory authorisation requirements are involved) along with 6 copies (when animal experiments subject to mandatory authorisation requirements are involved) to LAVES).
  • The Animal Welfare Officer files a copy of the entire procedure as a printed version in the records and additionally creates an electronic folder.
  • All subsequent correspondence including emails will be filed chronologically in the records and in the electronic folder. The applicant shall warrant that the necessary documents have been provided to the Animal Welfare Officer.

Göttingen, 19.10.2017