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The Foundation Model

The key points of the foundation model are:

  • Legal independance of the university from the state and thus more autonomy.
  • Utilisation of the advantages of the new foundation tax law and long-term accumulation of foundation assets by the foundation university. The income is not intended to replace state funds, but to supplement them.
  • The Foundation's economic management and accounting shall be based on commercial principles. With a few exceptions, the budgetary regulations of the State of Lower Saxony do not apply.
  • Possibility of forward-looking personnel management by granting the sponsoring foundation the function of employer. The Presidential Board appoints the professors in agreement with the University Foundation Committee.
  • The real estate required for the operation of the University forms the Foundation's basic assets. It should be possible to manage them efficiently without bureaucratic obstacles.
  • The foundation as an institution of civil society is associated with the chance that students, alumni and employees will identify more strongly than before with their foundation university.
  • The members of the University Foundation Committee ensure close interaction between the university and society.