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Visiting Lecturers

Visiting Lecturers (‘Lehrbeauftragte’) are persons who are appointed with temporary teaching assignments by the University. They assume independently the teaching tasks assigned to them. The tasks thus consist of all related activities besides the lecturing, like for example preparation, review, examinations, participation in conferences and meetings. Visiting lecturers are employed in a public-legal contract normally with less than half the regular teaching load of a professor resp. a lecturer for special tasks.
Decisive for the teaching assignment is § 34 Lower Saxony Higher Education Act ('Niedersächsisches Hochschulgesetz' – NHG) as well as the circular decree by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture ('Niedersächsisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur' – MWK) of 12.05.1999 – fr. 21.3-71 061/1 (108).
A teaching assignment can be assigned to persons who have the necessary professional qualifications and teaching ability. Special regulations apply to persons who have exceeded the age of 65.
The appointment of teaching assignments is the responsibility of the faculties to the University. For detailed information on the application procedure and on appointment of teaching assignments please turn directly to the desired/responsible faculty.