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Welcome – Measures funded with DAAD grants

Working Group for the "Refugees" Task Force: "Qualification / Sensitisation / Education / Language Promotion" (Person responsible: Professor Andrea Bogner)

Two student assistants from the Master's degree programme support the subject-related promotion of language for refugees within the language coaches' project nested in the Department of Intercultural German Studies. In this project, students from all degree programmes who are taking part in the certificate programme "Additional qualification in Intercultural German Studies / German as a Foreign Language" and have already acquired skills in how to teach languages, will be prepped on how to work as language coaches for the refugees assigned to them who are taking part in the guest student project at Göttingen University or have already started their studies there. Assistance will be provided on acquiring language skills in the specific fields of academic study or in developing a subject-related ability for discussion on these subjects.

Tasks and responsibilities:
The two student assistants

  • support the project coordinator,
  • determine "matches" (based on language constellations and major subjects) between language coaches and refugees,
  • participate in the subject-related support of language coaches and provide assistance with the selection and preparation of the matching materials,
  • are involved in the further development of the language coaching concepts already deployed and
  • plan and design project-accompanying and multilingual workshops for refugees and their language coaches on the different focal topics (e.g. reflection on scientific cultures) and carry them out on a regular basis.

One student assistant in the Master's degree programme will work on expanding the studies-specific courses offered to refugees at Göttingen University and building the appropriate material platform.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • The student assistant compiles offers for online language learning materials and evaluates them regarding their different areas of application,
  • writes didactical commentaries for target-audience-specific use and posts them on one of the University's internal platforms

One student assistant from a Master's degree programme will support the Conquer Babel student initiative in organising and structuring their (volunteer) beginners' language courses.

Tasks and responsibilities:
The research student assistant supports and accompanies the course organisation in terms of its content and subject matter (DaF/DaZ), particularly in assigning the participants to proficiency levels (language diagnostics) and helps select and prepare the appropriate language learning materials.