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Selection process at Göttingen University

Selection process (numerus clausus, NC)

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of university places available, a selection procedure is conducted for undergraduate degree programmes with limited admission at Göttingen University. The procedure (except for medicine and dentistry) is described here. There no specifically defined limits for selection, which rather depends on the composition of the group of applicants.
The admission criteria and the application portal for Master's degree programmes and procedures for doctoral degree programmes are available under the respective subject descriptions at the link for Courses of study from A - Z.

The selection process:

University places for undergraduate degree programmes with limited admission are allocated to students according to the criteria of qualification and waiting time: In most subjects, the university places are allocated as follows:

- 90% to candidates with the best grades on their university qualifying exams
- 10% to candidates with the longest waiting times.
Each candidate will be ranked according to the characteristics they have obtained on both ranking lists; there is no offsetting of characteristics.


  • Allocation based on qualifications (score): 90%
    For this purpose, the grade points are computed from the overall points earned on the university qualifying certificate and the grade point values weighted according to three subject-specific courses relevant to the degree programme desired. For each subject, the arithmetical average of the scores is computed for the last four half-yearly examination certificates.
    The respective subject descriptions in the section Courses of study from A – Z contain the school subjects relevant to the degree programme, the weighting system and computation examples.

    An example: Business Studies (B.Sc.)

    Grade point average on university qualifying certificate (80%)
    School subject 1 (10%): Mathematics
    School subject 2 (5%): English
    School subject 3 (5%): German

  • Allocation according to waiting time: 10%
    Each semester a student waits after earning their university entrance qualification during which they are not studying at a German university is counted towards waiting time.
    In case applicants have equally waiting time, their waiting time will be ranked according to their grades ("secondary criterion").

  • Advance quota
    The allocation of university places to students with hardship cases, to foreigners, to candidates applying for a second degree, to professionally qualified candidates and to preferential candidates on grounds of service time, is done in advance and according to special criteria.

Results of the selection process
The results of the selection process are valid only for the semester stated. The list of Courses of study from A – Z includes the current results of the selection process on the pages of the respective subjects.

An example: Business Studies (B.Sc.):

Selection results for winter semester 2007/08 (main selection process)

  • Qualification: 8.95 points

  • Waiting time: 6 semesters (grade 3.7)

Selection results for summer semester 2008 (main selection process)

  • Qualification: 7.65 points
  • Waiting time: 2 semesters (grade 3.0)