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BeVeOm network

In 2010, the network of complaints and improvements managers and ombudspersons (BeVeOm) was initialized and since then meets once a year. Every university participant and contact person, who handles complaints, suggestions, ideas, mediation and feedback regarding teaching and learning is invited.
The network works out statements and discusses various topics like work area of the members, work methods, university law, digitalization, consultation and relevant conferences and vocational trainings

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Since 2013, Meike Gottschlich is an active member of the network on the federal level and one of its speakers, as well as an active member on state level (BeVeOm Niedersachsen.).
The speakers represent the network and take over the following tasks:

  • Contact person for internal and external requests

  • Forwarding important information to the members of the network

  • Coordination of working groups and definition of working priorities

  • Working out strategies to develop the network

  • Public relation and support of the coordination of actions regarding the common activities

  • Support of the universities in context of network meetings.

During the yearly network meeting, the team will be designated by elections. During this process, the absolute majority has to vote for the complete team or for the proposed single person.
The current team is formed by representatives of the following universities: University of Stuttgart, University of Wuppertal, University of Lüneburg and University of Göttingen. You can contact the speakers per e-mail.