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Studying while still at school - a support programme for gifted high school students

Göttingen University offers an early study programme to gifted school students with above-average achievements. Early students attend selected university courses in addition to their school curriculum and, if they wish, are given the opportunity of taking an examination at the end of the semester, which can be credited towards university studies later on.

Taking part in the free-of-charge early study programme pays off, since it enables school students to...

Three steps to early study:

Information and Advisory Services

Early students receive support and guidance at Göttingen University from the very beginning.

If you need general information about early study, support in selecting suitable subjects or have any other questions concerning procedures and organisation, the Central Student Advisory Office staff will be glad to assist you.

If you already have a clear concept of which subject you would like to take up for early study, you can take the next step and contact the respective faculty directly.

Selection of courses and enrolment for early study

Several Faculties have already prepared a selection, which you will find on the right under "Selection of suitable courses", but early study is also possible in the other Faculties by individual agreement. Select the courses which suit you during a personal interview with your contact partner from the Faculty. The formalities of enrolment are also prepared here; for this purpose you should bring the following documents:

  • application for enrolment (see link on the right)
  • copies of your school reports from the last two school semesters
  • a letter from the school/from a teacher confirming the school student's above-average talent.

To complete the enrolment on time, you should have submitted all documents by the middle of August at the latest for the winter semester (and for the summer semester by the middle of February). The University will take care of all other preparations for early study on your behalf.

Enrolment - and off you go to early study

School students are enrolled by 15 September for the winter semester (by 15 March for the summer semester).

Now, all formalities have been completed, and you can start to attend your courses, experience everyday university life and quench your thirst for knowledge.