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Participants are given the opportunity to take the first steps towards founding their start-up through various events and workshops as well as a mentoring program in the field of entrepreneurship.

The LIFT-OFF start-up competition at the University of Göttingen is aimed both at people interested in starting a business and at active founders from all departments. The competition is accompanied by various events and workshops as well as a mentoring program during the entire competition period in the field of entrepreneurship. All in all, there are attractive cash and non-cash prizes to be won. Prizes will be awarded in the categories "Start-up Potential" and "Science". The public can also vote for prize winners in both categories. In addition, there will be a special "Life Science" prize sponsored by the Life Science Factory. Furthermore, a special prize "Social Entrepreneurship" will also be awarded. In addition, the special prize "Sustainable Land Use" sponsored by the WissenWecken Foundation. This brought together cash prizes worth more than 30,000 euros in 2022.


  • Date: 23.06.2023
  • Time: 18:00
  • Admission: from 17:30
  • Location: Alte Mensa
  • Registration (Visit of the event only possible with prior registration)




  • University students
  • Students and employees of "SNIC colleges and universities".
  • Employees and researchers of the Göttingen Campus
  • Alumni of the University of Göttingen and the Göttingen Campus
  • Employees of the SüdniedersachsenInnovationsCampus (SNIC)


  • You get help with the development and elaboration of your business model
  • You can participate in versatile workshops in the field of entrepreneurship
  • You can win attractive cash and non-cash prizes, totaling over €30,000.
  • You can use the PR effects and expand your network.

  • There is an exclusive mentoring program with personal mentors for each team.
  • You can attract new/first customers to test your product.
  • You learn to pitch in front of a large audience and to convince with your idea.

All participants will receive an extensive and exclusive workshop program!

Which workshops does the LIFT-OFF 2023 include?

In digital workshops, participants get the opportunity to further develop their idea in a very targeted way. The following four workshops are part of the LIFT-OFF program this year.

  1. Developing sustainable business models - with the Business Model Canvas (07.03.2023; Lecturer: Marc Henkes)
  2. You want to develop a profitable and sustainable business model from your business idea? Or do you want to advance an already established one? The Business Model Canvas developed by Alexander Osterwalder has become a standard for founders. In this interactive intensive seminar you will learn to visualize and test your own business idea. Note: The course is perfect for founders, entrepreneurs who want to design their business model, coaches, but also for startup teams and teams of larger organizations that want to open up new business areas and further develop existing ones.

  3. Competition and market environment - How much potential is there in the idea? (28.03.2023; Lecturer: Dr. Ines Beeck) Only if you know your market environment and the competition in your target market, you can align your products and services with the needs of your customers. At the beginning, you have to formulate hypotheses about your market opportunities. In this workshop you will learn to define goals, to identify relevant questions for your own market analysis and also to formulate them. We will introduce you to suitable tools for your market analysis. Analyze the target market and verify your market opportunities.

  4. Modeling of business models and revenue models (05.04.2023; Lecturer: Dr. Arndt Schwaiger) This workshop introduces the best practice methodologies of metrics-based business modeling and financial planning. How to represent a business idea and the mechanics of a business model using metrics to assess key "sticking points" as well as opportunities and risks? Attendees will learn how to easily analyze and optimize a business idea using metrics to achieve faster and more focused success.

  5. Pitch day - convince - interest - inspire (18.04.2023; Lecturer: Viva Brunnert)You want to get started with your idea? Imagine you have a maximum of three minutes to do so - can't you? Yes you can, in this workshop you will learn everything you need for a good, short and accurate pitch deck. Bring your idea to the forefront authentically, confidently and flexibly, whether you're pitching to investors or an audience.


LIFT-OFF goes virtual! The award ceremony of the sixth LIFT-OFF start-up competition of the University of Göttingen took place on 07 July 2022 at 18.00 in the Old Refectory of the University of Göttingen. The competition is aimed both at people interested in founding a company and at active founders. In addition to student founders, the LIFT-OFF start-up competition also offers scientists a platform for the further development of their projects. In total, prize money of more than 35,000 euros was distributed in 2022.


Special price
"Life Science":


Special price
"Sustainable land use":



1. Place: ArthroPore
2. Place: AutoBusted

Start-up potential:

1. Place: MOLLY SUH
2. Place: Vertumi

Audience Award


Audience Award
Start-up potential:



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