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In order to support all University members with writing English texts and translations and to ensure correctness and consistency, an "English Usage Style Guide" has been produced. Please use this document of the University of Göttingen to consider spelling, style guidelines such as formatting, and abbreviations for English texts.

Information on this page and in the documents provided is periodically updated and adapted to the needs of the University of Göttingen. Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

English Usage Style Guide

This brief document provides guidelines for the use of the English language and clarifies terms that are often incorrectly translated.

Two-page Style Guide (PDF)

External Resources

Style Guides

These resources below provide additional information in the correct use of the English language. Please note that these guidelines were written for their specific audience and therefore may not always apply to the target audience of the University of Göttingen.

     Oxford University Style Guide
     Cambridge University Style Guide
     The Guardian and Observer Style Guide

Dictionaries and Translation Tools

Oxford English Dictionary: The Oxford English Dictionary is a good tool for checking spelling, but please note that the meaning of some terms is influenced by context. The dictionary should therefore be used with caution. This is generally a good translation tool but the results are rarely hundred percent correct. Results should be reviewed and corrected carefully before publishing. For example, there have been cases where a sentence was translated into the opposite meaning or complete sections were missing. As with DeepL, translations with must always be checked and corrected according to the context. Also use with caution.

Tip: Have translations checked by a native speaker who is knowledgeable of the context or is an expert on the subject.